portfolio: https://theanaloglounge.xyz/portfolio

email me at cooper@theanaloglounge.xyz

or text/call 747-272-9804


songs i’ve worked on have been streamed 100m+ times, listen to my work by clicking here.

you can book me via soundbetter or by contacting me directly.


inquire for exact mixing, mastering, vocal editing and production rates.

discounts available for EP, LP’s.

alts and stems included.


video work i accept on a project by project basis so shoot me a message and let’s talk. watch my highlight reel here.



studio rates are $40/hr without engineer, $75/hr with engineer. 

if you are looking for info on prepping stems for mixing, please refer to my stem guide.


open 9am-midnight.

smoking is allowed outside, vaping only inside.

exotic pets and weapons are not allowed in the studio. (don’t be that guy with the parrot).