a private recording studio in hollywood, los angeles catered towards songwriting, production, engineering & mixing run by cooper leith.

mics: soyuz 017 tube, chandler redd, aea r88, re20, sm7b & mkh8040’s + more.

analog synths: prophet-5, ob-6, moog sub 37 & op-1 field.

guitars & piano: d’angelico excel dc, gibson j45, fender american tele, fender american strat, fender jaguar bass & a 1994 yamaha m405 upright piano.

converters: apollo x4 & minidsp room correction.

preamps: 8 channels of neve 1073 + 4 channels of universal audio unison preamps.

monitoring: atc scm25a’s, a 12” subwoofer pro & an asc attack wall.

for our full equipment, software & plugin list, click here.